Trailor Loading Gabby

Published on October 9, 2017 by HorseTrainer

Gabby has not had a lot of trailering experience and I wanted to make her comfortable dealing with it the next time we go someplace. I decided my goal this summer was to get her to trailer load at liberty. At first she wouldn’t even go on the ramp so we worked on that until she was perfectly comfortable with it. next step was to go inside. I often teach her new things by building on tricks she already knows and does well. Roll the carpet is one of her favourites so I put the carpet in the trailer and told her to push. She happily pushed the carpet and then she was on the trailer. Praise and treats then off. It didn’t take long until the trailer became part of the routine. Now if I leave the gate down she will go in herself and look around. Sometimes when we are working she will go over to the trailer and ask to go in.


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