Let’s Like the Halter Training

Published on January 14, 2017 by HorseTrainer

For some horses, haltering can be aversive.

My horse, Jackson, had aversive experience in the past with a halter. I could see that he was afraid of it simply by approaching him with a halter. He walked away as soon as he saw me with a halter in my hand.

There are many times when we have to halter a horse.

So, I decided to use positive reinforcement/clicker training to first taught him that halter was not something you have to walk away or be afraid of, rather it was good when you approach it. Later in the training, I taught him how to put his nose into the open halter and keep his head in the halter.

Halter training with a horse that has negative experience with it requires some time. Setting an environment and training so that a horse has choice for participating and stopping the session, training at liberty, reinforcing small effort, introducing VERY small step at a time after mastery of previous step(s) were critical in Jackson’s re-learning the halter.

During the course of our training, Jackson was the one that set the pace of the training.
If you let a horse set the pace of the training on each training steps you provide, they will like the game of the training and enjoy the process of “liking” the halter.

Let them own the training and behavior!


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