Leah Learning to Ride – First Steps

Published on August 31, 2016 by HorseTrainer

Leah and I take our very first steps forward while riding! This is Leah’s first time ever walking forward with a human on her back, and we happened to do it all at liberty!

Not only did she learn forward and stop, but we also were able to start turns! It was crazy amazing of Leah!

This was all done at Liberty – never has Leah had any rope, halters, or bridles on when learning to ride. She is free to choose whether or not I am allowed to get on. If at any point she tells me that she wants me off her back or that she doesn’t want me to get on, I listen to her and respect her wishes. It is her body and her right to choose whether or not I may ride. There is never any punishment if she says “no”. Because of this, it is really such an honor when Leah lines up for me to get on her back – I am so in awe and so grateful to her.

I was so blown away – I had no idea she would understand the concept of turning with me on her back the first time we tried, and yet she picked it up in 10 minutes. I am absolutely speechless!
We used an offering of my hand as a cue for turning.

This is our first ride where Leah actually took a step with me on her back, so we are a little wobbly getting used to the feeling. Still, I am so awestruck – I cannot believe how much she picked up in one 10 minute ride! It is absolutely incredible to be part of this journey with Leah. She is such a gift in my life. We are using only scratches and love cuddles as our reinforcement right now. 🙂


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