How to lay down your horse without ropes

Published on September 24, 2016 by HorseTrainer

This is how I taught Boo to lay down without the use of ropes.

This method won’t work for every horse, only for those of you who have horses like mine that love to roll!

Its quite a simple method actually, it worked really well for Boo, it will take a bit of time and patience remember!

What I did..

1. Was take Boo to where I know she loves to roll! It might even help if you have just bathed or sponged your horse off after work as Boo loves rolling even more after a bath!
2. I had lots of treats/feed in my pocket, any kind will do, whatever your horse likes to eat.
3. I have a headcollar on and longish lead rope (and you can see at the start of the video why mine wasn’t long enough when Boo was turning around lol)
4. Then I rewarded Boo with lots of praise and a treat if she showed ANY interest in rolling, for example if she lowered her head to the ground, sniffed the sand, pawed the ground or even better squatted down like she was about to roll! Boo doesn’t get get rewarded as often in this video as your horses should because she knows the trick!
5. Its really a case of before your horse can lay down he really needs to get used to having you beside him when he is rolling or on the ground!
6. Remember its might not happen on the first day, or even the second or third, but keeping trying and remember to reward your horse for trying, and don’t tell him off for not getting it right.
7. If your horse does goes down, lots of praise and lots of treats when he is on the ground, Boo used to roll on the lead when she first started this, so I let her roll and then gave her treats to encourage her to stay down when she stopped, then I asked her to get up, sometimes I’d try again on the other side cos Boo always likes to do both sides.
8. I wouldn’t try for more than 20 minutes a time, as I didn’t want Boo getting bored or frustrated! It normally takes Boo about 2 or 3 minutes to lay down still, but she getting better each time!



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